About Us

Navigat Energy is a leading supplier of clean power generation technology in SE Asia building on a turn-key supply basis small- to medium size power plants equipped with GE Jenbacher gas engines.

We provide an integrated, one-stop-shop approach for clean energy and are poised to offer full service contracts, including provision, installation, operation and maintenance of power plants. Continuously striving to assist in the sustainable development of the nations regions, promoting and sponsoring projects designed for the use of clean fuels.

Navigat Energy is the exclusive distributor of GE Jenbacher gas engines in Indonesia, whereby GE Jenbacher is the leading manufacturer of gas engines and cogeneration systems worldwide. To have an competitive advantage over it competitors GE Jenbacher has designed its product solely for the purpose of using gas as its fuel source, whereby it can operate on besides natural gas on a wide range of gases from organic materials (natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, Coal Bed Methane gas, Syngas, Flaregas etc).

one-stop shop for clean energy

Together with GE Jenbacher Navigat Energy provides a unique one-stop shop
concept that benefits customers through life-cycle management.

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