Central Park Mall

Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia

Trigeneration technology leads to big energy and cost savings at Indonesian shopping mall

Jenbacher gas engines run on constant load for longer life

Five GE Jenbacher J620N gas engines teamed up with two absorption chillers and three electric chillers have been installed by Navigat Energy to provide a trigeneration power plant which saves more than $1.1 million in annual energy costs for Central Park Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. By using the 2.7 MW GE Jenbacher machines in concert with the chillers, Central Park Mall has created a combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) solution that is much more efficient than exclusive reliance upon the local grid.

Waste heat from the GE Jenbacher gas engines yields 3,500 tons of refrigeration (TR) toward the total 8,000 TR of air conditioning needed for the shopping mall. The remaining 4,500 TR of air conditioning is provided from the electric chillers.
The bulk of the 13.6 MW base load power – roughly 11-12 MW – comes from the gas engines, which are run at 85 to 90 percent load and from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Running the engines on constant load lengthens the lifetime of the engines, which yield 980 MWh of power every week. The smaller remaining power increment is provided from the local electricity grid.

A flagship entertainment and shopping destination for Asia

Central Park Mall Jakarta is a flagship development of Agung Podomoro Land, which is located next to the city’s midpoint and encircled by the perfect market. Inaugurated in 2009 with approximately 188,077 square meters of floor area and more than 300 tenants, Central Park Mall is an iconic and premier destination, with an impressive array of leisure pursuits, including an unparalleled retail mix combined with world-class dining, entertainment and attractions that will revolutionize the concept of shopping mall experience in the region. The destination is visited by more than 40 million customers in a year, and as an international award-winning shopping center, Central Park Mall has committed to maintaining the quality of service and focusing on becoming a benchmark in shopping center management. Moreover, Central Park Mall is becoming an extraordinary shopping destination and trendsetter in Asia, with 1.5 hectares of Tribeca Park in the heart of the development to promote the adoption of environmentally friendly atmospheres in shopping centers.

Leonard Purba, the engineering senior manager for Central Park Mall, is pleased with the performance of the GE-aided CCHP solution. “We chose Navigat Energy with its GE Jenbacher gas engines mainly because GE is famous for reliability and efficiency,” he says. ”The CCHP technology is most suitable for buildings in Indonesia’s very warm climate, and I hope more buildings in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, will implement CCHP technology in the future.”

Customer advantages:

  • More than $1.1 million in savings in annual energy costs (based on Nov. 2014 economic figures)
  • Reliable power and cooling for a high-traffic district and commercial environment
  • Excellent efficiency and environmental savings by capturing waste heat from engines
  • High load flexibility and reliability


Number and type of GE units: 5 x GEJ620N; 2 x absorption chillers, 3 x electric chillers
Power output per engine: 2.7 MW
Total base load output: 11MW
CCHP commissioning: 2010



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