Service Structure

Service Support
With an 24 hour manned Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC) in Jakarta Navigat has the ability to monitor any of the 300 installed units at any time the during the operating life of the equipment. Hereby we virtually create three comprehensive layers of technical back-up :
1. On site trained operators which can attend any failure directly after accurance.
2. Incase the on-site operator fail to identify the problem, he can request the RMC coordinator to log-on from the RMC in Jakarta and
provide online feedback.
3. In the rare event that our RMC coordinator fails to provide the immediate solution to the operator, he can ask GE Jenbacher to dial-in
from Austria (Europe) and provide online real-time support for that tspecific engine 24 hours a day.
With the three-phased back-up system we ensure maximum availability of the customers assets at any time.

Service Management
Trouble Shooters & Maintenance Engineers
A well trained team of trouble shooters and maintenance engineers are divided over Navigat 6 offices throughout Indonesia to minimize response time for our customers.

24 Hour Service Call Center
Our 24/7 technical support team is ready to attend telephone, fax and e-mail service request, as well as to provide immediate on-site support for emergency requests.

INDONESIA: 0800-1-737847 (Call Free 24 hour)

(please add engine number & problem description)

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